Activator Formula



Tired of paying crazy prices for Water Transfer Printing Activator – then paying even more having it shipped? If you happen to be fortunate enough to live in a place where shipping of the stuff isn’t restricted – it takes days for it to arrive!  Here’s a solution… We offer our HydroActivate© Part B –  Water Transfer Film Activator in a ready-to-spray liquid,  but if you would rather save the money on shipping, we will gladly sell you our formula so you can make it on your own…  Simply go to our STORE PAGE  and click on the ACTIVATOR FORMULA tab.

Within 24 hours after receiving your order, we will email you the information needed to make your own water transfer film activator. The information includes a list of all ingredients and mixing instructions ratios.

Note:  If you order the Activator Formula, that is what you will get! It is also  referred  to as Part B in other sections of our webpage… You WILL NOT receive the formula for our HydroActivate© Part A.  This liquid is available in our store – but the formula is not for sale…